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It's easy - it's free - it's safe!

Welcome to Diamond Dating. The free dating agency that makes meeting people fast, fun, easy and safe.

Whether you are just looking for a pen-pal, or a friend to socialise with. Whether you are searching for that perfect love, or looking for a hot steamy partner for hot steamy nights. - Diamond Dating is the place to be. This service is only available to adults aged 18 or over.

A free dating service? What's it all about then?

It's an introduction agency just like you would expect, except it's free to join, and easy to use. You place an advert, and people reply to your Diamond Dating Inbox. It's that simple! See our detailed how it works page. It's easy to use!

You don't have to be looking for love and romance, our ultimate goal is to put people in touch with other people, even if just for friendship. Communicating with people for the first time is never easy, and finding the right person in the first place is almost impossible. That's where Diamond Dating can help you. Unlike most other introduction agencies, we won't make dating complicated by asking intrusive questions and then charging a fortune for the privilege. It's easy to use, and free to join!

When interacting with people for the first time, safety has to be a concern. Diamond Dating takes safety very seriously. Your anonymity will always be respected, personal information such as your email address will never be displayed on screen or given to anyone else. We have compiled a safety fact sheet giving tips on how to remain safe once the introduction is over. It's easy to use, it's free to join!

If you have read this far then no doubt you will be keen to learn more of what Diamond Dating can offer you. See our FAQ sheet for question and answers to all the common questions.

If you think that we can help you then have a look at the ads already on display and then place an ad of your own.




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