Dating information.

Dating information.

Diamond Dating UK and Diamond Dating USA will help you find that special person

This page is an index of all our information pages and case studies.

Case 1: Peter.

Peter is a 42 year old man seeking woman, he's a professional man looking for romance and has been looking through personal ads for months with no luck. After several dates, he found his match.
Diamond Dating was able to help Peter find a partner.

Case 2: Sue.

Sue is a romantic at heart but has found it difficult to meet the "right sort of person". She started looking for men seeking women on the internet a year ago. She came to us looking for love. Within a week we found her a man she went on to marry.
Diamond Dating was able to help Sue find her man.

Case 3: David.

David came to us looking for short term partners. Being gay, he had been on the men seeking men scene for most of his adult life and decided to use a match maker in his quest. David chose Diamond Dating, and found many partners matching his profile. He is still an active member, and still meeting many people.
Diamond Dating is a valuable 'man seeking man' tool to David, which he uses every day.

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Case 4: Janine.

"I just like to chat", Janine told us when she became a member. She started out just looking for pen-pals, but found much more. After a while she became a woman seeking man, and with plenty to choose from, quickly found a man that she now lives happily with. He started as a pen-pal, and became her best friend.
We are proud in the knowledge that Diamond Dating brought these two people together.

Case 5: Kathy.

Kathy was a 24 year old bisexual student, who was having difficulty approaching other girls. "I didn't want the embarrassment of failure" she told us. "But with Diamond Dating, I can easily find other women seeking women, and I know each and every one is also looking for somebody too". Within a short space of time Kathy found the friendship she was looking for, and now has a regular partner.
Diamond Dating is the perfect site for the woman seeking woman.

Case 6: Gary.

Gary already has lots of friends in his social circle, in fact he is a bit of a matchmaker himself. He has managed to pair together plenty of his friends, but had not found love himself. He came to us and started looking for women seeking men. With so many to choose from, it wasn't long before Gary came across a girl who shares most of his interests. They are still together today, and planning for the future.
Diamond Dating has helped so many people like Gary. We can help you too.

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