Frequently Asked Questions
Is it really free?
It’s free to join, view our database, and search for your perfect match.

Free to browse all the profiles?
Yes, your free membership entitles you to view all profiles and photo's.

So it’s really really free?
No! You don’t really want it to be free. Dating agencies that allow completely free contact with other members are all targets for scammers and spammers – and that’s not what you want. You will find that free sites are often operated by just one person and give little or no regard to the safety of their members – that’s really not what you want. Free sites recoup their running costs and make a profit by bombarding you with adverts and spam – does that bother you? Diamond Dating recommends that you do not join a "free-contact" dating agency.

Every reputable Dating Site will charge a fee to enable full use of their site. Every reputable Dating Site will of course allow you to “register for free” which allows you to search their database to find people you want to contact. Every reputable Dating Site will charge you to contact other members – it’s just a question of how much.

Ok then, how much?
Unlike most other agencies, we are prepared to tell you up front how much. The reason others only tell you after you have joined is because they charge a huge amount, up to sixty pounds for six months membership – that’s just too much. Diamond Dating currently has a special offer of just £4.99 for a whole year’s Gold Membership. That works out at less than 10p per week – and what kind of partner are you looking for if they’re not worth 10p per week!

Join for free now.

How did Diamond Dating begin?
Diamond Dating was created by the makers of a popular internet magazine. Many of our readers requested a page where they could exchange email addresses and arrange meetings. We decided to go all the way, and create a 'stand-alone' agency that everyone can use.

Can anyone apply?
Yes - anyone aged 18 or over.

Can I be anonymous?
Absolutely! Your email address is never displayed. You don't have to use your real name, instead you can use a nickname or alias to identify yourself. See our privacy policy.

Is it safe?
In today's world, it is actually far safer to use the internet than it is to meet strangers in a bar. With this service, you remain completely anonymous, and you can 'back out' at any time. We have built in many safeguards to protect members while using this site, and we have also compiled a safety fact sheet giving tips on how to remain safe when the time comes for a 'real life' meeting.

Will I get abusive replies?
No. Firstly, every member has logged and verified their email address - so WE know who they are. Secondly, before replies are forwarded to you, our automated mail handler has been programmed to scan and remove any abusive mail. Thirdly, we deal with reports of abuse very swiftly, and may result in the removal of any member found abusing this service.

If I change my mind, can I remove or change my profile?
Yes. Members have the ability to instantly change any part of their profile, or delete their profile completely.

I don't want to answer any intrusive questions on your application form!
There are no intrusive questions on the application form. Unlike most other agencies, we don't want to know your salary or whether you practice religion. We are not interested in details such as your exact height and weight, eye colour and size of pants. If a member wants to know more about another member, all they have to do is send them a message and ask.

I have a question which is not listed here!
So email your question to us and we will promptly answer it. If there is any part of the service that you are not sure about, we will gladly help you understand.