How It Works

Your future is but a few steps away...

The first step is up to you. You fill out an application form which should take just a few minutes of your time.

After you have completed your application form, Cupid takes over. Cupid (©1999-2007) is a highly sophisticated computer program that manages all of the important functions on this site. The first thing Cupid does is process your application.

Cupid scans your form and builds a 'profile' page, transforming the options you selected into readable English. We have created a sample profile page for you to examine. After adding your profile to the database, Cupid then sends you a confirmation email to let you know that all has gone well.

Activate your membership...

Your confirmation email will also contain a unique 'Activation Key', which must be used to activate your membership. -- This is to ensure that your email address is correct, and to ensure every member of Diamond Dating is genuine.

Once you have activated your membership, your profile will be viewable, and you will have access to the Members Area.

Inside the Members Area...

You will now have access to the full database of profiles and photo's, as well as a search facility. This easy-to-use search facility helps you locate that special person, and it's free to view as many profiles as you wish, and then choose the ones to reply to.

...and your replies...

Soon, somebody will read your profile, and will respond to it using the built-in, easy to use, discreet messaging service.

The message is placed in your private inbox for you to read, and view their profile. The rest, as they say, is up to you!


If you have any questions about this service, a good place to start would be our FAQ Sheet.