No Spam!

There is nothing more annoying on the internet than Spam! This policy outlines what we define as Spam, what we do and do not do, and what we allow and forbid our members to do.

In summary... a brief description.
Your email address is safe. We will not spam you. We will not disclose your address to anyone else. We will never display your address on-screen. We will not pester you with advertisements.

Bulk Mailing
Diamond Dating will never send bulk emails to advertise this website. We believe that bulk emailing wastes everybody’s time and bandwidth, and lowers the credibility of any website doing so.

(An ad that appears in a new browser window that 'pops up' in front of the window you're looking at). We will never use pop-ups on this site. We believe it is annoying when you are continually distracted by windows popping up, just to offer something which you are not interested in.

(Similar to ‘Pop-ups’ - An ad that appears in a new browser window that opens under the window you're looking at, so you don't see the ad until you close the original browser window.) We will never use pop-unders.

We believe that Banners are an acceptable form of advertising and revenue, if kept to an acceptably low level. Occasionally, you may see a banner ad embedded into a page which you are viewing, but we have endeavoured to place them in an unobtrusive place. We do use banner ads on other sites, to advertise Diamond Dating.

Information sharing
(In other words, selling bulk email lists). We will NOT sell, rent, give away or otherwise disclose any information to anybody else. We regard member's privacy with the highest respect, and do not believe information sharing is ethical or desirable. This forms part of our Privacy Policy.

Members Spamming Members
We will not allow any member to Spam another member. We have very sophisticated algorithms to detect misuse of the Private Messaging System, which will result in the termination of membership. Members are allowed to direct people to their own personal website which offers more information on that member, but that website itself must not use any Spamming techniques. This forms part of our Terms And Conditions.

Our Communication With You
From time to time, we may wish to convey an announcement to you. We will do this by placing a message into your Diamond Dating Private Message Inbox.

Your Obligation
Despite our best efforts, some spam may slip through the net. We are determined to keep diamond dating an enjoyable experience, so we request that you report any spam which you receive. Reporting an offender is quick and easy, and we wont ever tell the offender who reported them.

Questions and Suggestions.
If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our no-spam policy, please email us at